Social Isolation Inspiration

Inspiration for making the most of social isolation.

Learn something new
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There is a plethora of free resources online where you can learn about those things you always wanted to know, from how to play that favourite song to how to speak High Valyrien. Click here to get some knowledge!

Books & Culture
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No time like now to catch up on those books you always wanted to read or take a look at museums in another land. Click here for free ebooks, audio books and virtual museum tours to lose yourself in.

Get active
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Keeping yourself active is important for your body and brain, and great news, you can do it for free, from the comfort of your own place with no one to see your red face. Click here to get your blood pumping!

Brain matters

Keep your brain active and look after your mental health. Click here for tips for mindfulness and mental health resources.

Get things done

Time to tackle that list of to-dos that you never had the time for. I’m looking at you pile of clothes that need mending! Click here for ideas and tutorials.

Activities for kids

A collection of projects and activities for the younger members of the household.

Still In Progress

Hello! I hope you’re feeling healthy and happy! I have been keeping myself busy through lots of social distancing approved activities. I’ve been learning languages, working in my garden, video calling friends for overdue catch-ups, playing games with friends online and of course, working on this website. It’s amazing how quick the time can go.Continue reading “Still In Progress”

Hello and Welcome to Social Isolation Inspiration (Under construction)!

Hello and welcome to my social isolation project! I’m so happy that you’re here! As someone who is currently, due to global events, in social isolation, I started collating a list of different activities to do around the house to keep myself healthy and happy – mentally and physically. One of these activities is thisContinue reading “Hello and Welcome to Social Isolation Inspiration (Under construction)!”

About SII

An avid traveller stuck in social isolation, providing you with links to free resources to help save your sanity (and mine) during lockdown.

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